Written translation

An order for written translation can be sent using the order form. Calculation of number of pages is based on widespread in Europe standard page size, which is 1800 characters including spaces. This translation takes approximately 30 lines-60 characters each.

Written translation.  If the text is less than 1800 characters, the translation price will be the price of one standard page. Calculation of the cost of a particular translation is made by the number of standard pages in the translated text.
For regular customers we offer discounts.

Ordering a translation

Texts can be sent using the Order form. Sending the order using this form does not oblige you to anything, but you will know the exact cost and terms of the translation.
After You submit the form, we will contact You by the specified e-mail to inform you of the price and terms of your exact order. You will be able to confirm the order then.

You can also send the translation of the text by e-mail info@esteet.ee